ESD Testing | Michael's Toys

Tulip does not test any of its devices like this. They make solid products and they let me make this video. If you can't view this video download it here.

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Maze Game 3

2006 was the pinnacle of gaming. Kids were downloading Game Maker and using its GUI programming to make the snake game THEY DESERVED. I, was above it all, for I didn’t make a snake game, I made a M a z e  G a m e I enlisted the most talented...


Ben Shapiro DESTROYS and OBLITERATES the Coding Interview

I’ve been interviewing again recently and I wanted to share all the technical questions I’ve ever received so that you too can annihilate and commit genocide on technical interview questions. First I wanted to share some thoughts on the general process. If you’re an interviewer, please: Don’t schedule a call...


To Have Zucked and Lost

I wake up at 6:45 A.M. in a hotel room and start following some people who look like me. Soon a herd of young early-twenty-somethings begins to form and amoebas its way across suburban Palo Alto. We’re all funneled by exceptionally loud organizers into a bus and driven to 1...


Talk to Me

Ms. Bronson’s eyes are tired, glazed red, and live in individual craters above her nose. It took all her strength to curl them away from her desk and onto Derl. She began in her signature slow southern drawl. “Varmon? Would you like to share?” Derl Varmon stood up. His eyes...