Wakemeupwhenseptemberends Party

Why do we cook bacon but bake cookies?

Think about it.

That’s right, every interaction we have is being recorded.

In this case its in invitation form.

So why isn’t this message encrypted?


Cat got on the keyboard again..

Did you know cats are subsidized by our government to sedate America?

Of course not.

Every time you kiss your cat, pheromones are released in your bloodstream.

Wait, you won’t understand complex biology.

Nobody understands.

What is this about?

It’s about getting woke!

It’s about waking up, when September ends.

what wakemeupwhenseptemberends party
where NaN 0528, 9 PM
when September 30, 2016
who This is a +n invite.

RSVP now. Before. September. Ends.

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