Cinco de Michael

Michael’s Rising Manhood

Michael’s manhood has almost finished rising! And we’d like all of you to be there to see it.

Like being picked first for dodgeball,

Like realizing your dad is only human,

Like seeing the Falcons at the Superbowl,

Like watching Titanic for the first time,

turning 21 only happens ONCE in EVERY YOUNG BOY’S LIFE.

Be the Jack to his Rose in this grand scene of de-flowerment! Drawing him naked is optional. Be there at midnight (and before) when Michael becomes a man.

We’re talking drinks. [ Legal drinks ].

Music. [ Grown-up music ].

Atmosphere. [ 100% grain-fed, gluten-free, free-range atmosphere ].

This is your chance to do that thing you’ve wanted to this entire semester. Drunk dial your ex! Tell that special someone how you really feel! But most of all, have a good time.

Notable Quotables:

  • “Why is my invite Titanic-themed”
  • “When I first met Michael he said ‘finish my Venmo payment already’ and he still asks me that to this day!”
  • “If you go into Michael’s bathroom and say ‘Michael Eden’ three times he’ll appear and ask you what you’re doing.”
  • “Oh yeah, I know him.”
  • “If I were [Michael] I would pay me to say this, but I’m not.”
  • “If you took the Georgia Tech Stadium and filled it with Michaels, it would be more full than during home game.”

Potent Potables:

  • Beer, etc.

Graveyard of Titanic memes:

  • Ship-posting
  • Nicebergs
  • Tight-anic at the disco
  • Tita-Nick (Kalteux)
  • William Green-leave your boytoy behind even tho there’s plenty of room on that raft
  • (spoiler alert: he’s gonna andrew dai)
  • ((because u didn’t wanna sherry))
  • (((jerk.)))


Cinco de Michael/Lit-o is a big day and we’re happy to say we get to share it with two other birthdays! Our parties will merge together to form the ultimate party!

Join the event here! Bringing drinks is appreciated, but not required.

When: May 4th, 9:30 PM

Where: 18+ in the UHouse Penthouse, then 21+ will leave for bars, etc. at midnight.

Why?: We all need to celebrate finals being done.

Like this hot garbage?

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April Fool’s 2016

William’s 21st

Closing Time Party

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