Maze Game 3


2006 was the pinnacle of gaming.

Kids were downloading Game Maker and using its GUI programming to make the snake game THEY DESERVED. I, was above it all, for I didn’t make a snake game, I made a

M a z e  G a m e

I enlisted the most talented gamer I knew, who quickly grasped its elegant controls:

(photo of the instructions he was reading)

One instruction is so clear is beings with “Ok try to remember this”. Another reminds you that lasers kill you “as in the character you not the viewer or reader of this”. This was also the time I started to experiment with pixel art:

I don’t think I need to sell this game any more to you, please play it now. Only one person has beaten the whole thing and most people don’t have the patience to get through all 40 levels.

Consider yourself lucky! This game was almost lost forever after I forgot to save a copy from my Windows XP machine (the family computer). I had uploaded a copy to YoYo Games’ servers but then they got sold and deleted everyone’s games! Thankfully the Archive Team did a (mostly complete) backup of everyone’s games! Checkout all these other lower-tier games after playing mine!

Download Now!

(this was when I was still on Windows, so its an .exe, but it works with Wine)

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