Janie Does My Makeup

At this point I know so many makeup words since my girlfriend (the titular Janie) is really into it. Some of the words I recognize include:

  1. BB Cream
  2. Sponge
  3. Falsies
  4. Eye Shadow
  5. Blush
  6. Contour
  7. Blending

If you’re thinking “Wow Michael that’s a lot!”, then you’d be right, it’s hard to stay in the know. Something else I know, “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” is a popular trend (7 years ago) on the Internet.

So today, after a lot of convincing, I decided it’s time for me to be trendy.

My chin looks less fat here.

Lessons Learned

Two days later all my eye stuff (“shadow”) is not completely gone. I manically keep moisturizing my eyelids in the hopes it’ll come off, I’m almost there.

I understand now, being a woman is a full-time job.

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