Automatic Southwest Check In


Like all men I exist for and because of woman. You see where this is going? Southwest allows me cheap air fare but at the cost of remembering and sometimes waking up explicitly to check in online to get an early seat. Why is this important?

The early bird gets the girl (earlier).

Every time I fly to see Janie I’m just as excited as the last time, so I’m always interested in shaving off valuable minutes of time apart. With all of this in mind it should be no surprise that I’ve written an automatic check in script in phantom.js.

If you’re unfamiliar with phantom.js its a scriptable headless web browser. You write some javascript (gross) to control a browser and automate some tasks for you. It should be in your distros’ repos:

pacman -S phantomjs
apt-get install 'something'
emerge 'some-such'

In short there are a three steps to check in, and you have to eval the webpage to get all the cookies to let you do this right. So phantom.js was a quick and easy solution:

 * Southwest Check In v0.1
 * GPLv3 License
var page = require('webpage').create();

page.onLoadFinished = function(status) {
    // we didn't succeed loading the damn thing!
    // exit with an error code, hopefully a parent process
    // can try again after a delay
    if (status !== 'success') {
        console.error("Could not load URL: " + page.url);
    // enter the first and last name, and the confirmation number
    if (page.url.match(/retrieveCheckinDoc\.html/)) {
        page.evaluate(function(confirmation, first_name, last_name) {
            document.getElementById('confirmationNumber').value = confirmation;
            document.getElementById('firstName').value = first_name;
            document.getElementById('lastName').value = last_name;
        }, confirmation, first_name, last_name);
    // just click through past the confirmation page
    else if (page.url.match(/selectPrintDocument\.html/)) {
        page.evaluate(function() {
    // at this point you're technically checked in, but we'll try
    // to tell you which boarding position you got.
    // this is also helpful so you can test if the script worked
    else if (page.url.match(/selectCheckinDocDelivery\.html/)) {
        var flight_info = page.evaluate(function() {
            var output = [];
            var details = document.getElementsByClassName('itinerary_content');
            var rows = details[0].getElementsByTagName('tr');
            // the first row is the header
            for (var i = 1; i < rows.length; i += 1) {
                var info = rows[i].getElementsByClassName('boardingInfo');
                var seat = "";
                for (var j = 0; j < info.length; j += 1) {
                    seat += info[j].innerHTML;
            // for each passenger gives ["B1", "B2", etc..]
            return output;

        for (var i = 0; i < flight_info.length; i += 1) {
            console.log("\t" + flight_info[i]);

// open the online checkin page and start the process'');

Keep in mind that this is just the phantom.js snippet and it needs three variables to be in scope to work:

var confirmation = 'A0AAAA';
var first_name = 'Michael';
var last_name = 'Eden';

But of course yours will be different than mine. The real win is if in the future I make this into a daemon that listens to my Google Calendar events and even emails me the boarding pass after check in.

Run with phantomjs script.js and keep this in mind on your next red-eye.

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