Natural Timing: A Portal 2 Map


Available for download here.

‘Natural Timing’ is my first custom map for Portal 2, it’s not very polished as it wasn’t done with the Hammer Editor, but it is, I think, a very solid puzzle.

Portal 2 is one of my favorite puzzle games, for those of you who don’t know, it’s incredibly funny and just hard enough to make me feel smart. I highly recommend it.

The map is basically a few experiments with ways to force a player to act quickly without the use of timers. Along with this it also features a few tricks that weren’t in the original Portal games (one cool one especially).

I’ve solved it before, and so has one other friend, so please do not get discouraged or worse yet: feel that it’s impossible. It might also be a piece of cake, and we could be the dumb ones.

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